Tessa Dixson - 'Falling'

Bathe in the seductive glow of Tessa Dixson’s new single, ‘Falling’.

Tessa Dixson has a knack for creating songs that makes sadness sensual. New single, ‘Falling’ shows off Tessa’s soulful vocal intimately amid a soundscape of smooth, downtempo trip hop influences and stunning, flickering cinematic flourishes. The production is rich and brooding yet also makes room for glints of sunshine to pierce through, offering a beautiful, upbeat juxtaposition between the darker, more gritty beats, melancholic textures.

There’s a mellow atmosphere to the song as it smoulders and seduces, swirling along at a relaxed pace, allowing its listener to get lost in its lush layers. Thematically, Tessa explains ‘Falling’ is about disconnecting from the world, "The art of leaving it all behind and turning a blind eye to the world we live in, all the while in eternal questioning”. ‘Falling’ is a scorching slice of inquisitive alternative pop marking a great start of the year for Tessa Dixson.

Words of Karla Harris

‘Falling' is out now through [PIAS].