Dewey - 'Bent Star'


For some the word Dewey conjuress up images of one animated Disney duck’s nephew but there’s a new Dewey about. This Brighton based singer songwriter has been honing her craft from the age of 15, drawing influence from a variety of out there, abstract artists including the likes of Radiohead and Björk and even taking in obscurist ideas from the likes of David Lynch. All these influences and more are working for her in full effect on her latest release, Bent Star.

According to Dewey, Bent Star is inspired “by our obsession with beauty and perfection. Even when we know someone or something is unobtainable or wrong for us, we put them on pedestals and try and force it to work”. The haunting chorus on the track pulls on that idea and really twists it with sinister yet sincere vibes. The whole track is wrapped in a vast soundscape of wailing vocal snippets and icy synths. It’s noisy, invasive and hypnotic. The ever moving rhythm underneath keeps it pushing forward and twanging guitars stab through the wash of electronics. The track just feels alive from it’s coiling start to it’s reeling finish.

If you like your art vague and vivid with a sense of intrigue. If Mulholland Drive filled you with wonder instead of confusion. If you love the weirdy art rock and pop of the aforementioned artists, Björk in particular. If the abrasive yet sugary electronics of SOPHIE’s Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides ranked highly on your list last year. If any of these past sentences were remotely true, you’ll love this track. Dewey shows a tremendous amount of promise and a unique sense of style and this track this only makes me more excited for the material we may soon get from this artist.

Words by Nathan Blackstone