Glass Peaks - 'Misery'

Photo Credit: Ant Adams

Photo Credit: Ant Adams

Written after watching the film adaptation to Stephen King’s book of the same name; ‘Misery’ is a chilling and brooding take on how inspiration can translate across many platforms of art. 

‘Misery’ is a representation of obsessive natures, according to Glass Peaks. Given the inspiration behind the song, it can seem rather obvious to say that this is cinematic music at its finest, but the composition is truly made well enough to deserve the compliment. “I’d kill you but my hands are tied too tight; I’m yours for the taking” – the parallels between positive and negative connotations are littered throughout the song, in sharp lyrics and also tempo changes. There is an intoxicating element to the dissonant guitar riffs and vocals that swing between bluesy crooning, deep growls and maniacal screams. Toward the latter half of ‘Misery’ is a funky breakdown that has hints of Eagles of Death Metal and Foals - this is a kind of sound that we have seen through their previous releases; atmospheric indie with a hint of a head-bopping bass line. Whilst we haven't seen too much from Glass Peaks, as yet, their first song of 2019 has definitely put them on the right track for keeping us interesting in what's to come.

‘Misery’ is the first release from the brand new record label CLOSEUP, who have been keeping an eye out for Glass Peaks since their first ever show. 

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly