Live Review: The Amazons - Jimmy's, Manchester 09/02/2019

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Playing a string of intimate live shows to preview new material, the Amazons played an unforgettable sold-out show at Jimmy’s, Manchester.

Announcing the shows only a few weeks previous, it came as no shock when all dates were instantly sold-out. With the success of their debut self-titled album, it now felt like a rare opportunity to be able to see The Amazons play in such a small-scale venue. Always supporting the best in local live music, Jimmy’s is a relatively new venue to the Manchester music scene, a popular weekend bar choice, the venue also hosts a 150-capacity basement used for gigs.

With each support of the 6 dates having been different, our lucky dip was The Mysterines, the Wirral based trio are certainly set up for success. Playing a ferocious half an hour set, the band brought a fresh approach to rock, adding hints of psych and grunge, making us glad to have got down early to witness it.

Singer and guitarist Lia Metcalfe is not messing about, her sublime yet bold vocals and fearless stage presence are intriguing beyond words. This tiara-wearing rock star adds an element of fun, leaving us only able to imagine how this band would draw in a crowd whilst playing on a bigger stage. Performing gripping songs back to back, The Mysterines mean business, creating a real buzz about themselves that was evident from the room full of fixated faces.

Previously gaining support slots with the likes of Miles Kane, Goat Girl and The Big Moon, The Amazons have now been added to that growing list of artists The Mysterines have opened for and we can only hope they’re heading far.

The Amazons were hanging around the venue before going on, chatting with fans and proving they are still humble, even after a UK Top 10 debut album. Having to squeeze through the crowd in order to get to the stage, the Reading based band attracted huge applause as fans were able to get up close and personal for the duration of the set.

Kicking off with new single ‘Mother’, released only a few days prior to the show, most people were already singing along. As the first release since 2017, ‘Mother’ is an absolute anthem, with a heavy rock attitude, strong vocals and infectious riff, the band that won us over a couple of years ago are well and truly back!

“We’re playing a lot off our new album” admitted singer, Matt Thomson. We had guessed these shows were all about sharing new material, but what we didn’t expect was for the new material to be that good. Who am I kidding, of course we expected it to be good, but there’s always the worry of bands not living up to their debut. However, after hearing some of the new tracks, I am confident that The Amazons second album, expected to be released this summer, is going to be a belter.

The crowd were passionate, jumping with hands in the air and mobile phones filming every song, but it didn’t really go off until ‘Stay With Me’, the huge single we all recognise from FIFA 18. Feeling lucky to be there in such a low capacity venue, with potentially one of the UKs next biggest acts, the show went on, and it was as sweaty and chaotic as we had predicted.

Asking the crowd if anyone was there the last time they played Manchester amounted to cheers all round, “Albert Hall was our favourite gig ever”. It’s been a year since the show, which was the first time I personally saw The Amazons, and what a year it’s been.

‘Little Something’ brought a similar response with phones in the air and fans in the middle attempting to start a pit, which showed how truly compact the venue was when each pit didn’t quite take off. Mixing in a bit of The Beatles ‘Helter Skelter’, The Amazons owned the tiny Jimmy’s stage as ‘Little Something’ continued.

“You’re the first gig in the world to hear our new songs off the new album. Don’t film it or put it on YouTube” joked Matt Thomson, who then introduced another new track, “this song is called 25, I am 25, but I wrote it when I was 24”. With 25 being the ripe old age I turn next, like others in the room, I instantly felt connected to the song. Although admittedly, I can’t truly remember exactly what the song was about, mainly because everyone followed the rules and didn’t put it on YouTube...! I do however, remember a strong guitar lead and fans enjoying the moment whilst feeling honoured to be there hearing these songs before anybody else.

“We’re rolling back into town for the Neighbourhood Weekender, is anyone going?” Matt Thomson then went onto explain how he always thought the festival was in Manchester, having only just found out Warrington is in fact not in Manchester he said, “I’m not from this part of the world, I haven’t got a fucking clue”. It’s close enough though, good effort!

Announcing a couple more festival appearances across the summer, make sure The Amazons are on your schedule because it’s gonna go off! We’ve had a teaser of the new album and can confirm it might just be better than their self-titled debut.

After another new song, the set came to a close with early release and fan favourite ‘Junk Food Forever’. The short set was enough for us to get excited about, whilst lots of final singing and dancing set the crowd up for a Saturday night to remember.

The Amazons heavily awaited second album is due out this summer.

Words by Abbie Jennings