The Band Explains: Glass Peaks - 'Misery'

Photo Credit: Ant Adams

Photo Credit: Ant Adams

Glass Peaks have unveiled their brand new single ‘Misery’, which is a post-punk riot fueled by Stephen King, we had a chat with the band about the track.

What is the track ‘Misery’ about? Where was it recorded?
- We recorded Misery ourselves with a helping hand from our brilliant mate Erim. We then we fired it to the master Kris Harris and he worked his magic on it. 
Alf - Misery is based loosely on Stephen Kings novel of the same name. The idea came after I'd watched the movie adaptation one morning in the company of a disgusting hangover. Its lyrical themes run deeper than just the plot of the movie though; it's a commentary on addictive personalities in the modern age.

This release sees you pairing up with CloseUp as their first label release, how did that partnership come about? 
- we've absolutely loved everything close up have done over the last few years from the festivals they put on to the band's they work with. They've been booking for us for some time now, so when we got the offer to sign a record deal we jumped at it.
Grant - We've worked with Sam for a long while, even close to our inception. We love Sam and it seemed like the perfect pairing.
Alf - The CloseUp team are incredibly passionate about what they do and they always want the best for the artists they work with. We were delighted when the opportunity arose. 

The track tackles subjects like addictive personalities in the modern age, do you think it’s a serious issue at the moment? 
- people need throw their phones away and go take a long walk in the woods.
Grant - People get so sucked into whatever they're doing at any given moment and it's easy to lose focus on everything around you. Attentiveness to every aspect would be good for all I think.
Alf - Yeah, totally; in many ways. We want instant gratification these days. We watch three seconds of a YouTube video and skip it if our senses haven't been stimulated almost immediately. We want more and we don't want to wait for it. Everyone is craving attention in some form, whether they care to admit that or not. It's a very serious issue that's gonna fuck up the younger generations for sure. Life is just a huge Black Mirror episode. It's scary. 

Is there anything you are obsessed or addicted to? 
- I used to be mad addicted to jelly tots. I noticed the addiction and I've never touched a jelly tot since. But honestly, I think if I'm being real, I'm addicted to creating, if I feel like I'm not creating something at any point I get worked up and crave it. That could be a song, a painting, a haircut or anything. 
Grant - Football Manager is my vice.
Alf - Alcohol, sex, money, attention, the feeling of needing to be liked by anyone and everyone, more likes, more retweets.
These things don't plague my life; I'm not stashing a bottle of vodka down the side of my bed to swig in the morning or sending dick pics to everyone in my phone contacts (or anyone, for that matter), but these are things that I think a lot of people can over indulge in from time to time. It feeds into what I was saying before about instant gratification and the toxicity of it all. 

The track gives a nod to a Stephen King novel of the same title, will we be seeing a series of tracks now named after his works? Maybe a Shawshank? 
- Haha, who knows! Maybe we'll do a series of Die Hard tracks. 'Yippie Ki Yay, Motherfucker!'
Grant - Who knows, we pondered a Jane Austin title before but sadly pasted it up

What do you think Stephen King would say, if he heard your track?
- I hope he'd like it. He might find it all a bit weird? I'm not sure. Makes me feel a bit sick thinking about him hearing it. What if he thought it was trash?
Jake - I would like to think he would like our interpretation of his amazing book. We tried to capture the desperation of the film in the music.
Grant - I'd hope he'd enjoy our song. a viddy well would do me.

It has been a few months now since you put out any new music, what has caused the delay and are you glad it’s finally out there? 
- Yeah, we had some away from the studio and focused on our live sound and getting that right. Personally, I actually went through a period of feeling like I had nothing to write about. We wrote a tune called 'Disco Stu' a while back. I listened back to it recently and realised it's actually about nothing. It's just empty words. I finally feel like I've got something to say lyrically, and I have a way clearer idea of the messages I want to convey in our music. 
Jake - 2018 was a huge year of growth for us, finding our sound again. Crafting the live set and finding the reason we wanna do it again. 

What are your plans for the next few months? Can we expect more music and shows?
- We have the next 3 singles ready to go. All with videos that are stunning. We have some lovely festivals lined up and more to announce. Keep your eyes on our socials. 


20 - Hy Brasil, Bristol

22 - Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, London


Alfie Jefferies (Bass/Vox) // Jake Cox (Guitar) // Grant Tugwell (Drums)