Introducing #0073 - Freddie Long


So hello to Freddie Long, a new rising star from Brighton, who is hitting the airwaves with his new track ‘Sinner’, which is laced with his instantly recognizable vocals, that gravelly raw grit that is very infectious to listen to. We had a chat with him about the track -

Your track ‘Sinner’ is out now, what is the track about? Where was it recorded? 
Have you ever been so into someone, even when you know they are bad news? However hard you try you always find yourself wanting more? No matter how toxic this relationship is you just can’t get enough? There’s something about them that you just can’t let go of and you’re willing to ignore your instincts just to be with that person? They make you sin! I’ve been in this position and I know how addictive it can be. The moment you realise your poisoned passion for someone - ‘Blessed Or Cursed I’m Your Sinner’. 

I recorded the demo in London with co-writer, Tobie Tripp. We’ve previously linked up and wrote Jean, which is the demo I put out last year so we deiced to get back into the studio as we bounced well of each other. Once we decided to put on the tracks for the EP we flew over to Berlin and recorded it all with producer, Oliver Som. I’ve worked with Oli in London and loved his production. Berlin is a great place that I just fell in love with…. An incredibly vibrant and welcoming art scene which just gets in to you straight away, and you can wash all that culture down with a £2 a beer. 

You are from Brighton, what are your favorite things about it? 
Lots! Firstly that it’s on the coast. I love coming down from London and chilling out for a few days and taking a stroll along the beach. The lanes also, an obvious choice but it’s got some great restaurants. An awesome spot is Burger Brothers, super chilled and apparently one of the best burger joints in the UK. They also do mean veggie burgers for anyone who’s into that. Another thing, they have amazing thrift shops down the lanes. Anyone into retro fashion check Gardner street and Vine street, amazing steals to be found.

What is your favorite venue in Brighton to go to for new music? 
I’ve been living in London for the last few years so have slightly gone off the radar with new music nights but Brighton definitely has a pumping music scene. When I go back I still go to check out who’s playing at Coalition, Vaults, The Green door  Store, The Haunt, The Albert and so many more. Only recently have I returned to Brighton from London and started to explore the music scene again. Can’t wait for The Great Escape which is just such a scene and such a chance to see amazing new music!

Who would you consider your biggest musical influence when it comes to your own songwriting? 
In my teens, I grew up listening to a lot of Indie, Punk and Heavy rock from Nirvana to Good Charlotte to The Black Keysall of which I think have rubbed off on me. I’m always looking for new influences but Jamiroquai, Arctic Monkeys, James Brown, Jamie T, and Kaytranada probably most accurately sum up my influences.

Now the single is out, what are your plans for the next few months? 
I’m excited to release more music! We’ve got the EP on its way which I can’t wait to share. I plan to be back in the studio writing for EP 2 and be out and about more playing shows. Really excited to play the Communion show at Notting Hill Arts Club on the 3rd of March. Huge love to the guys at Communion and Maz for giving ‘Jean’ it’s first radio play on Radio X.