Band Of The Week #0068 - Old Swing

Photo Credit - Peter Capstick

Photo Credit - Peter Capstick

This week’s Band of the Week is London trio Old Swing, who have released their new single ‘In My Head’, we had a chat with the band about the release.

Your track 'In My Head' is out now, what is the track about? 
The track at its core is really about getting over someone and the frustrations that come with it, it's about that part once the heartbreak has subsided, when that person is still very firmly stuck in your head. 

Where as in recorded? Any behind the scenes stories? 
This one was a bit different! We actually recorded it all over the place, in bedrooms, on trains (Most of the track was initially written on a laptop during the 4 hour train journey from Kings Cross to Edinburgh) and finally in studios. We had the track mixed and mastered by our good friend Sam Winfield over at Studio 91, he worked with us on our past two releases and totally gets our sound and what we're trying to create. 

You are based in London, what is your favorite thing about the city? 
Definitely the availability of live music, there's about 5 shows every single night so if we're not playing one we're at one! My least favourite thing is the rent. 

What is your favorite London venue and why? 

My favourite venue to play is definitely Thousand Island in Islington, it's got a ceiling covered in disco balls, it's drenched in pink neon lights and the green room has a wall of different salad dressings, can't beat it. 

Now the single is out, what are your plans for the next few months? 
We've preparing for a few shows coming up in March and then it's straight back in the studio! We'll be playing a few festival slots this summer before releasing the EP, we're super excited.

Upcoming Shows

6th March - Big Indie Records Presents at Two Tribes Brewery, Tileyard Studios, London

7th March Closeup Presents at Notting Hill Arts Club, London

11th March Southampton Joiners supporting King Kuda