Walking Bicycles - 'Fat Cat'

After a five year hiatus, Walking Bicycles bring us demonic post punk on new single, ‘Fat Cat’.

The first single to be released ahead of Walking Bicycles forthcoming album ‘Chooch’, ‘Fat Cat’ is a droning post punk track built on a riff that combines conventional guitar notes and weird scratchy noise. Jocelyn Summers wails and moans lines of the fatigue and futility with being faced with enforced greed such as “Fate – it takes such a long fucking time’”.

Not dissimilar to Siouxsie Sioux, Summers sounds like the banshee of the apocalypse. Keeping it all together is an almost disco-esque beat on the drums that occasionally crashes like waves against the rocks; and silky bass lines that will have you grooving along. Walking Bicycles create the feeling of an impending punch to the throat that may or may not come. Imagine the cool of L.A. Witch with a hint of doom and violence. It’s intense and I like it.

Based on ‘Fat Cats’, Chooch will be a great album and I’m glad Walking Bicycles are back.

Words of Matthew Brocklehurst