The Artist Explains: Ben Wagner - 'Take My Time'

Ben Wagner and director Damien Blue talk us through the ideas behind Ben’s inspirational visuals for sunshine-inflected indie folk single, ‘Take My Time’.

Ben Wagner and director Damien Blue Explains:

Where was the video for 'Take My Time' filmed? 
“Take my Time was Filmed in the greater Milwaukee area. Specific locations include Butler Roller Rink and Dandy Vintage”. - Damien Blue 

How does the video connect with the song?
”The song is about learning to navigate your anxieties to find joy and that is a skill that Joe Reed has mastered. We hoped just showing Joe and his family enjoy life could help other people do the same. That feeling you get from hearing Joe’s laugh is just pure optimism and gratitude”.  - Ben Wagner 

Do you have any behind the scenes stories you could share with us? 
“After filming the school bus scene, Joe received a call roughly 45 minutes later from his children's school. The school mentioned that one of Joe's kids has an 'accident' in his pants. I gladly volunteered to drive to the school and deliver fresh new clothes to Joe's son. On the way to the school, Joe called me and asked that I just bring his son home for the day instead. With a smile, I returned back to Joe's house with his little man, while also toting a plastic bag with soiled kids pants inside! After all the commitment and time that Joe had given me for the music video, I was completely committed to helping him out in any way possible - before, during, or even after the production.” - Damien Blue

Interview feature by Karla Harris

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