Live Review: Thyla - The Lexington, London 13/02/2019

Thyla - The Lexington - London - 13.02.2019 - Photo Credit Ant Adams-26.jpg

Thyla treated us to an evening of visuals and musical briliance when they headlined the Lexington in London this month. 

‘What’s On Your Mind’ sits there quite high as one of our favorite releases so far this year, the EP is the definition of perfection, so when Thyla announced they were playing the Lexington, we had to grab the chance to catch them live finally! (Having missed their past couple of London shows).

It is hard to place Thyla into a genre to be honest, the blend indie and rock with some elements of pop falls into place so gracefully when it comes to their live shows. Like as if each song was planned to flow in that exact order. With the set list featuing the likes of ‘’Blame’ and ‘I Was Biting’ plus tracks from the new EP such as ‘Candy’, the band treated us to a bit of old and new. A personal favorite from the EP for me is ‘Only Ever’, it brings out a certain level of emotions that i don't think many songs can do. So to hear it live for the first time, it took it to a whole new level. 

For a small venue like the Lexington it can be hard to pull off anything visual on such tight amount of stage space, but Thyla managed to pull it. With the right amount of light play and animations, they managed to make it just right and not too overwhelming. 

The way the band sounded live proved why Thyla are on so many of those early ‘Ones To Watch’ lists, their style is just so loud but in a good sense. They could of easily played a giant venue with how their performed, and to be honest i don't think it will be long till they do! 

Words and Photography by Ant Adams

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