Deep Sleep - 'Drive'


Deep.Sleep tackle drug abuse and mental health in their most emotional fuelled release yet, with the new single ‘Drive’.

Hailing from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, this indie-pop quartet have already established a dedicated fan base in their native North East and as one of the brightest prospects in the fast-growing scene.

The group have been renowned for their highly catchy anthems since their formation in 2017 with pearls like ‘1994’ and ‘Orange English Sun’, but ‘Drive’ certainly takes Deep.Sleep towards a more mature sound.  

2019 has already been significant in this band’s short timeline, completing their first overseas tour in the Netherlands and more to come with their biggest headline show yet at Cluny 2 in March.

I have no hesitation in saying that ‘Drive’ is their best release so far, you’re hooked in from the off with the opening synths and overall sound drawing instant comparisons with A Japanese House and The 1975.

Dan, Conor, Ben, and Snazy stay true to their upbeat indie-pop sound, but laying below the surface is a raw social commentary that tackles relationships, drug abuse, and mental health.

Dan lays bare his soul, speaking of his “overwhelming desire” to do anything to try and make this particular relationship work and is admits a song of “self-help”.

The lead vocalist said: “This song was the most important thing to me in terms of realising that it’s okay to not be okay and that things do get better, but change begins with those around you, just as much as it does yourself, so I suppose it’s my push to make my own statement."

This is done brilliantly with his soft vocal matching the subject matter, topped with an earwig of a chorus, a powerful spoken word overlay, an infectious main riff, and Ben’s excellent drums towards the end really making this one of my favourite releases of the year so far.

‘Drive’ is out now on all major streaming platforms, Deep.Sleep headline Newcastle’s Cluny 2 on March 8th.

Words by Danial Kennedy