Tertia May - 'In My Head'


Tertia May returns with a new slice of late-night R&B in her latest release ‘In My Head’. 

Straight off the back of a successful 2018, Tertia May has jumped straight into releasing new music and ‘In My Head’ is a solid start to how we can expect the rest of the year to go. With a sound generally teeters between Jazz, Soul and old-school R&B, Tertia prefers to make her music with feeling rather than sticking to one specific sound. ‘In My Head’ is a collaboration with Cold Callers – who were part of the Roundhouse Artist Collective – and her long-time producer Subculture. The addition of a rap verse really helps to contrast and break-up the hazy and languid motion of Tertia’s vocals.

‘In My Head’ opens up with a tinkering piano and late-night jazz style of bass and drums. Tertia has the ability to capture a moment in her songs. Despite an air of paranoia, the song has a real chill-out vibe to it which comes across well when you realise that the song is about no longer letting somebody affect you. Tertia’s velvety tones really do carry you away and unless you truly pay attention to the lyrics, you’re more focused about vibing with it. When thinking of the song as a duet in the form of call and response, it feels as though nobody understands what they’re doing to the other person or how to make it better – “I never really thought about how you feel but still, I need you there.”

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly

‘In My Head’ is available now by Twisted Heart Records. and Tertia May announced her biggest headline show to date at London's OMEARA on the 25th April.