Introducing #0074 - Jnr Williams


Allow us to introduce you to Hackney based singer-songwriter Jnr Williams, who has just released his beautiful new track ‘A Prayer’, taken from Jnr’s debut EP to be released over the coming months. We had a chat with him about that track -

You are from East London’s Hackney, what is your favourite bits about it? 
For me it's Dalston market cause it brings back childhood memories of going there every Saturday with my mum. There is a buzz about it always, a lot of characters there also lol

Your new track is called ‘A Prayer’, what is the track about? 
A Prayer’ is about someone who you love and who loves you losing  their faith in you, and you trying to change your current situation so you can both live good  

Your video for the track sees you working with Iggy LDN, how did that partnership come about?
 Iggy is such a talented guy, very inspiring bruda. So I saw his work in a session, the writer showed me a video he did called Velvet and it blew me away. As soon as I got home I watched  the video like 36 times I kid you not 36 times! Then I started to find more info on Iggy and watched all his other stuff and from that moment  I knew he was the guy to direct my first video..

Who would you consider your biggest musical influence when it comes to your own song-writing? 
Stevie wonder. He is a true poet and visionary 

Now the single is out, what are your plans for the next few months? 
Gonna be releasing my first ep on 8th March and I have my first show on the 28th of March at Servant Jazz Quarters in London. I’m off out to LA for a few weeks to do some writing. It’s gonna be a busy few months.