Live Review: Strange Bones – The Lexington, London 21/02/2019

Strange Bones are one of the UK’s strongest powerhouses, with their raucous live performances and insanely catchy songs, it’s hard not to be an instant fan!

With a show booked for London’s Lexington venue, the buzz on social media was very present and we could tell it was show that we could not miss…

Stepping into the dimly lit room, the energy from fans was electric even before any bands had stepped on stage! A large portion of the crowd donning Strange Bones merch and some even went the next step and were wearing black balaclavas as if they were ready to join the resistance. First band on the line up this evening were Scottish punk troupe Rascalton, who definitely turned up the heat in the room; ‘Slow Down’ and ‘Lonely Faces’ brought some face melting guitar riffs blasting out of the speakers!

The real fun came in the last few songs when frontman Jack put down his guitar and got up close and personal with the front row, rocking back and forth while wailing the lyrics to ‘Police’ and the fan favourite ‘This Is It’ which got a few mosh pits started around the venue.

Before long it was time for the infamous Strange Bones to take the stage; strolling on without a care in the world and without taking a breath slammed right into teased new song ‘Vicious’ which sounds exactly like you would expect; loud and angry! No sooner was the first song finished, the second began and third began, wearing a slightly terrifying gasmask singer Bobby screamed the lyrics to ‘Snakepit’ and ‘Here Come The Wolves’ while continuously flinging himself atop the crowd.

A quick rendition of Grime rappers Stormzy and Avelino’s ‘Energy’ and politically charged anthem ‘Big Sister’ changed the crowd from violent protest to full on riot, Bobby donning his famous black balaclava and singing as much off stage as on stage. As the first few chords of ‘We The Rats’ sounded out, the audience screamed in approval; crowd participation is key to this tune, Bobby constantly passing the microphone to crowd members to sing the chorus.

For final song ‘God Save The Teen’, a witty jab at the British monarchy, they must have decided it was time to put all the remaining energy they had into it, for the final time Bobby threw himself like a ragdoll into the audience time after time with one last one off the 7ft high DJ booth in the corner of the room!! With a kiss blown to the audience and one last guitar strum it was all over, Strange Bones and Rascalton had shown off what they do best and it was by far the best show we’ve seen from them so far! If this is what the UK Punk scene has to offer in 2019, then we are all aboard and hungry for more!

Words and photography by Joe Dick