Marsicans - 'Your Eyes'

Photo Credit: Jake Hasledine

Photo Credit: Jake Hasledine

Marsicans adopt a more gritty, introspective sound than we are used to seeing with their latest single ‘Your Eyes’.

The quartet have gained their reputation as one of the fast-rising UK acts with a catalogue of catchy indie-pop hits, but ‘Your Eyes’ is certainly a left turn from the likes of ‘Pop-Ups (Sunny at the Weekend)’ and ‘Wake Up Freya’.

Released through LAB Records, ‘Your Eyes’ brings on the help of the multi-Grammy award-winning duo of Fernando Lodeiro (Paul McCartney) and Joe LaPorta (David Bowie) to mix together a story about the fear of being left behind.

Bassist and vocalist Rob Brander highlighted people around him making “overarching plans for the future” and the inescapable feeling of not “judging ourselves by the success of our peers.”

Brander also admitted that ‘Your Eyes’ has gone through a few different forms, with an initial riff and chorus not making the final cut. You sense that with the massive change in sound, but its arguably for the better to bring in an entirely new audience while staying true to their established fan base with indie elements peppered in.

‘Your Eyes’ is set to be a mainstay on Marsicans’ setlist going into this Spring’s headline tour with BBC’s Abbie McCarthy, and is the first hit of we can expect to be a very busy 2019 for this Leeds four-piece.

‘Your Eyes’ is now available on all major streaming platforms, Marsicans will start their headline tour with BBC’s Abbie McCarthy at Bristol’s Rough Trade on April 2nd.

Words by Danial Kennedy