Novaa - 'Home'


If Billie Eilish and Ben Howard got together for a collaboration you might end up with something like 'Home', the new single by Novaa and seeing as one of those artists is arguably the biggest in the world right now, you get the feeling your in perfect company.

Starting with an evocative, heart felt message, 'Home' encapsulates Novaa's up and coming influence and guidance. As the track begins we are presented with a harmonic, electronic and orchestratial melody that perfectly accommodates 'Novaa's vocal.

The song flows and bounces with infectious elocution that draws you in, soothes and haunts you. The song is a beautiful and hair standing track that indulgently shows off 'Novaa's incredible control and emotive vocals.
The older than her years, 21 year old Novaa, wishes for us to appreciate ourselves as we are and find our own belonging in this hopeful but feared world. 'Home' rings through your bones and is a blissful escape of thoughtfully executed songwriting. 

A triumph of solemn engaging emotion, 'Home', will leave you calm but reflective. Without losing yourself, be ready to give in and surrender and jump on the Novaa wagon and dont look back. Let yourself fall in love.enough said.

Words by Olly Dean