Hembree - 'Culture'

Indie quintet Hembree  release ‘Culture’, the scintillating first cut from heir debut album ‘House On Fire’ , due for release 26th April 2019 via Thirty Tigers.

’Culture’ swaggers to life with dark smokey synth and atmospheric drums as front man Isaac Flynn’s vocal floats in, adding a lightness to the dark, murky base of the production. As the track develops, the band employ some subtle short bursts of psychedelia and melodic guitar lines, adding a twirly hallucinatory effect which pierces through the smog.

At the mid way mark Hembree change the dynamics, embracing a minimalist, laid back percussive rhythm as Flynn croons, “Is it really worth it, running your mouth? Doesn’t matter what you say, you let the words fall out now you can’t slow down”, before amping up the production again, which sounds like gritty city life, neon lights after dark and being stuck on a scene where you don’t really fit in.

An edgy, infectious and ambitious look into the Kansas-based band’s upcoming debut album.

Words of Karla Harris