The Artist Explains: Somebody's Child - 'Toes'

Irish indie pop artist Somebody’s Child talks us through his visuals for raw and atmospheric single, ‘Toes’ which poignantly raises awareness about homelessness.
Produced by Ross Dowling, ‘Toes’ is a muscular track which glistens with untethered emotion.

Somebody’s Child Explains:
Where was the video for ‘Toes’ filmed?
’Toes’ was filmed in Dublin Ireland. It was important that people could connect with the place and recognise areas. We felt this would have a bigger impact and raise more awareness for homelessness.

How do the visuals connect with the song?
The message behind the chorus is about someone taking back control in their life. Although the song ins't directly related we felt the video could translate it's meaning into something meaningful and equally empowering.

Do you have any behind the scenes stories you could share with us?
While we were filming, Eoin Mac Donncha (the dancer) was walking around a neighbourhood and the camera was shooting from afar. A car pulled up beside him and began shooing him away and they told David Pearse (director) that they didn't want him in their area. It really hit home with us and gave us an insight into the everyday life of a homeless person.

Please tell us about the ideas/themes/imagery used?
Some of the shots were designed to work in tandem with the movement of notes/music. For example, in the first verse there is a slide on the guitar and the camera replicates this by pulling away from a close-up of Eoin's face. Equally, the bridge is quite a somber section and the fast-motion shot of Eoin with cars passing reflects this. 

David also tried to capture Eoin in his most bored state so some of the shots took quite a while. Looking natural was very important but we also included a couple shots where Eoin is looking straight into the camera, one in particular when he is smiling which really drew out an emotional response in us all.

What do you hope people take away from watching the video?
Since releasing the video, we have been in touch with the Peter McVerry Trust, a charitable organisation that focuses on helping the homeless here in Ireland. They loves the idea behind the video and they are going to use it on their website and socials hopefully in the next few days. It was really important that the film connected with the song and portrayed an important message so we're all really pleased with how it came out.