Faux Pas - 'TV Made Me Paranoid'

Photo Credit: Joe Hudson

Photo Credit: Joe Hudson

From the evergreen music meadow that is Manchester come Faux Pas, potentially one of your new favourite bands. The band straddle the line between emo and slacker rock that many of us music fans, yours truly for one, find ourselves circling but without ever finding an artist with that perfect balance. I think Faux Pas may find that perfect balance on their latest offering, ‘TV Made Me Paranoid’.

The track has a story of it’s own, birthed from a difficult period for the band and seemingly being one of the sparks that helped guide the band back on course. The song also takes inspiration from TV as you may have guessed. This comes primarily from frontman, Ru Cowl and his once unhealthy relationship with TV and his shock upon returning to it. Then there’s the Bojack Horseman impact, coming from an episode that hit Cowl with it’s commentary on the “brutality of pretty much any entertainment industry”.

The track is a sub three minute build, draped in the bands heady DIY aesthetic. Cowl’s snarling vocals deliver the tracks message over the perfect clamour of instrumentation. From the simple emo tinged beginning to it’s raucous conclusion, the track is enthralling. The production ties the package together tightly like a bow with enough room left around the sides to keep things interesting. With this track, Faux Pas prove themselves to be a group to watch over the coming year.

‘TV Made Me Paranoid’ (produced by Mickey Dale) is out now and the band will be touring the UK this February.

Words by Nathan Blackstone

Live Dates:
8.2.19 - Manchester - The Bread Shed
17.2.19 - Sheffield - Cafe Totem
18.2.19 - Nottingham - The Chameleon
21.2.19 - Hull - The New Adelphi Club
23.2.19 - London - The Water Rats
24.2.19 - Leeds - The Key Club
28.2.19 - York - The Fulford Arms
1.3.19 - Made In Hull Cruise - On a boat to Rotterdam/Amsterdam