Introducing #0071 - Trends

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Say hello to Los Angeles alt-rock four piece Trends, who today release their new track ‘Ampersand’, we had a chat with them about their home city, how they got their band name and their brand new single.

Where does the name Trends come from and how would you describe your sound to someone who has never listened to you before? 
As a general rule of thumb, trends tend to be seasonal and often resurface every ten to twenty years. No trend ever truly dies out, and that’s what we were trying to get at with the name of the band. Reinventing, innovating, and taking inspiration from things that once were are all concepts that really resonate with us. Growing up, there were a handful of bands that played major roles in our lives. I think subconsciously, their sound seeped into everything we’ve written so far. And as a band, we can only hope that our releases inspire others to write music as authentic and honest as the sounds that shaped us. 

I have found it incredibly difficult to describe Trends’s sound. We’ve had references that range from Mercury Rev, to Blink-182, to Metric— or my personal favorite, Dido. I think it’s amazing that the music is triggering some sort of familiarity within people, and still the song interpretations vary drastically with each listener. Our upcoming record, Palettes, contains material written over a course of three years— ample time for growth, reflection, and change. We’ve got songs full of angst, calm, and all the shades in between. I really think there’s something in this record for everyone. “Ampersand” is one of our favorites, and we feel it’s a good overall representation of what we want to bring to the 2019 indie-music table. 

Your latest single is called ‘Ampersand’, can you tell us what the song is about?
The song is a bit of a cautionary tale. There’s this inherent fear of uncertainty that exists amongst most of us. We let opportunities and moments slip by, scared of trying and possibly failing. Some of us never learn to take action and reach for all the things we want. “Ampersand” is about not having the courage to confess your love to someone. It’s about resisting the urge to be true to your thoughts and feelings. There’s a certain madness that can arise when we inhibit ourselves, when we choose to internalize everything. 

In this case, the song was written from a romantic standpoint. But the message can be translated to familial and platonic relationships as well. Some chances don’t come around twice. So whether your reason for standing still is fear-based or out of pride, we urge you to get out of your head and take action. Mend relationships, give love to those around you, find closure. Live a life with no room for regret.

What are the best things about Los Angeles? 
The absolute best thing about Los Angeles is the diversity. Generations of immigrants are what make this city so beautiful and culturally diverse. Every hidden gem that LA has to offer stems from this. There aren’t too many places in the world where residents are constantly encouraged to learn more about each other through food, art, music, and dance. 

We’ve got some of the best chicken tikka masala, pambazos, and dim sum— all within a ten-mile radius. There are ABBA dance nights, puppet shows by the Bob Baker Marionette Theater troupe, collectives that promote women in the arts, and DIY community spaces and venues. 

What are your plans for the rest of the year? 
Right now, Trends is playing three to four times a month all around the Los Angeles area. We definitely want to keep up this momentum and hope that the single release draws even more people out to the shows. Long Beach has an incredible arts scene going on right now and we’re working on collaborating with some collectives out there to get some shows going. A mini tour up the West Coast is in order for later this year as well.

Also, just throwing it out into the ethers that it’s a personal goal of ours to land a KEXP or Tiny Desk session. Maybe some SiriusXMU radio play as well. Whether that will happen this year, we have not a clue. But Trends loves to try, and so we shall.