Esbie Fonte - 'Veins'

Esbie Fonte puts herself under the microscope on eccentric new single, ‘Veins’.

While the music industry is home to many genres full of many predictable sounds, Esbie Fonte is an artist who dances to her own tune and her songs are more than just music, they’re surreal soundbites full of innovative ideas, dream-like storytelling, and unwavering authenticity. Esbie’s songs often follow a swirling stream of consciousness, taking universal emotions and breaking them into pieces of a puzzle, sometimes revealing a fuller picture, but sometimes holding some of the parts back, creating songs encased in mystery and irony both sonically and thematically.

New single ‘Veins’ taps into the bizarre irony Esbie pulls off extremely well, pairing her trademark despondent vocal with oddly upbeat and relatively sunny production. Thematically, ‘Vein’s is a deeply honest song that addresses the theme of losing yourself and the mental struggle of not seeing a way out of living with those feelings and emotions. But ultimately, the song reflects on the power in owning negative emotions, finding acceptance in being self-aware and admitting that things can be shitty sometimes which can be a relief in itself.

Sure, there’s changes to the songs dynamics where ‘Veins’ gets darker and more intimate, seeing new levels of grief revealed, but Esbie takes things back to the bizarre lulling feel of safety, before ending the track wordlessly on a powerful and twisted element. This adds another unpredictable and impressive layer to the storytelling, seeing Esbie continuously following fascinating paths of creativity, cutting through much of the mundanity found within the saturated genres of modern music.

Words of Karla Harris