Hazlett - 'Fireworks'


Hazlett sets off a stirring display of emotion on new single, ‘Fireworks’.

’Fireworks’ opens with simplicity, seeing pulsating electronics subtly accompany Hazlett’s gravelly vocal, immediately providing the song with an earthy indie folk foundation. The layers of electronics that Hazlett weaves through the track do not deter from the grounded and organic feel of the song; instead they emphasis the emotion and tenderness of the track, as the song explores a relationship where the spark is missing:

“I wrote this song after a night in Croatia with my then girlfriend. We bought some cheap fireworks from the corner store and set them off a rooftop after dinner. It was bittersweet, they made magic look so easy and all I wanted was for her to look at me like that. But I think if you have it, you have it. Love shouldn’t be work, love is magic”.

’Fireworks’ is a huge
shot of emotion straight to the heart of incompatibility, yet still remains optimistic that there is someone out there who will fall in love with the fireworks in us that past loves couldn’t quite see. A very affecting first look into Hazlett’s upcoming second EP due to drop this Autumn.

Words of Karla Harris