Live Review: Sea Girls - Northumbria Institute, Newcastle 28/02/2019

Sea Girls - Northumbria Institute 2 - 28.02.19 - Newcastle -1.jpg

One of 2019’s most hotly tipped bands, Sea Girls, continue to wow fans up and down the country as the four piece rocked into Newcastle-upon-Tyne on Thursday night.

I hotly anticipated this show, as did the bumper crowd inside the Northumbria Institute 2 with the atmosphere inside the secondary student’s union electric before the band had even struck a chord. As Sea Girls entered the stage, you could feel something definitely special and also rowdy was about to take place, with fans crowd surfing before the set was even three songs old.

This was some sort of a homecoming for vocalist Henry Camamile, stating that he had lived in the city previously, it did seem to give a little boost to an already energetic performance as Camamile would regularly mount the barrier with microphone and guitar in tow. It was a surprise to see a crowd so receptive to an ‘up and comer’, singing back every word with new single ‘Open Up Your Head’ being a highlight.

As things began to hit their climax, the atmosphere was overflowing, with limbs flying here, there, and everywhere during ‘All I Want to Hear You Say’ and ‘Call Me Out’ with Camamile even enjoying a small crowd surfing stint.

Sea Girls hadn’t finished with Newcastle just yet, playing out with their breakout hit ‘Adored’ for the encore. Just when you think crowd interaction couldn’t be more personal, Camamile found himself in the masses before returning to the stage to round off a truly rowdy, enjoyable spectacle. Leaving the Northumbria Institute 2, you could the mass infestation of smiles, a mob having witnessed something truly enjoyable.

Sea Girls certainly live up to the expectation that is being placed on their shoulders, it’s also certain that such a show will be only deserving of larger venues and audiences going forward.

Words by Danial Kennedy
Photography by Lauren Stewart