Lucille Furs - 'All Flowers Before Her'

Lucille Furs continue to revitalise the 60s with new single, ‘All Flowers Before Her’.

It’s kind of ironic that Lucille Furs are an American band. Everything about their music screams 60s English psychedelia. Their last single ‘Paint Euphrosyne Blue’ created images of flower power and paisley patterns with success, and Lucille Furs continue with this approach in their latest single ‘All Flowers Before Her’.

From the opening bars, ‘All Flowers Before Her’ sounds as if it belongs in the 60s pop charts. It has a bluesy psychedelic feel, hinting at The Yardbirds. The fuzzy guitar solo is heavy and nasty as Jeff Beck would have played it. But the melodies are catchy and soft in comparison, reminding us of Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd without getting too quirky. Even the song title cries out hippie flower power.

All in all, I think Lucille Furs are a pretty cool band that write pretty cool songs. ‘All Flowers Before’ harks back to the hippie psychedelic era of the 60s, but Lucille Furs have their own modern take on it that sounds refreshing, certainly when put up against all other current guitar bands.

Words of Matthew Brocklehurst