GRACEY - 'Different Things'

GRACEY’s heartfelt debut single depicts a strained relationship where each person wants ‘Different Things’.

Minimal yet completely affecting GRACEY’s debut single, ‘Different Things’ is an emotive cut of mature pop that really resonates. GRACEY’s vocal is soulful and raw, delivering an honest and impassioned account of a frustrating relationship where the effort and affection is not equally given and received, “I wanted to love you, but you made it fucking hard to”.

’Different Things’ presents itself through roaring, heartfelt honesty. Keeping the production affecting yet sparse and atmospheric allows GRACEY to initially impress her listener via her powerful vocal and prowess for relatable lyrics. In fact, GRACEY has been songwriting for other people in pop, so it’s great to see her making herself visible and putting her own voice to her lyrics.

What makes ‘Different Things’ even rawer is the use of some kind of vocoder or autotune on the vocal. This adds a beautiful intensity to the song in a similar way to how Imogen Heap intimately taps into her listener’s emotions by using this technique. For me, it could symbolise here that the person in the lyrics is fading out of the relationship that they already feel like a ghost in, hinting that there’s closure in accepting the situation for what it is.

‘Different Things’ is written and produced with GRACEY’s long term collaborator Alan Sampson, and makes for a wonderful introduction to an artist who I’m very glad to have on my radar.

Words of Karla Harris