Pinky Pinky - 'Do Me Dirty (Charlie)'


LA based trio Pinky Pinky bring out the sunshine on ‘Do Me Dirty (Charlie)’. Formed of three best friends, consisting of vocalist and drummer Anastasia Sanchez, guitarist Isabelle Fields and bassist Eva Chambers, the band are able to convey their honest perspective on the world as three women only now entering their twenties. 

There’s a sharp poeticism to the lyrics and a gentle naivety to the sound that creates a glorious juxtaposition. Shimmering tropical acoustic guitars interlock with a twinkling triangle amidst a defiant takedown of the titular Charlie’s manipulative tendencies. Hints of the kind of beachy indie rock of Hinds and the youthful straightforwardness of Girl Ray permeate the track, putting Pinky Pinky in a strong set of peers in the realm of smart, upbeat indie pop.

‘Do Me Dirty’ has a charm to it that feels like a dose of vitamin D in your ears. A delightful bop that would sound equally at home as a breakup anthem or as the soundtrack to a fizzy pop commercial, Pinky Pinky balance the two aspects admirably and are never in danger of drifting too far into the twee or maudlin. They’re due to tour the UK for the first time in May, bringing their intoxicating brand of sunshine with them.

Words by Hattie Long