The Artist Explains: Rachel Chinouriri - 'Riptide' (Video)


Rachel Chinouriri talks us through the visuals for her latest single ‘Riptide’.

Where was the video filmed? Who directed it? 
a lot of the video was shot in or near my house and at a studio in central London. It was directed by Ashley Rommelrath and myself.

The shots have a sort of vintage vibe to it, were old cameras used? 
Yes, I love the vintage/vhs/old home video look so we used a VHS camera that Ash brought along.

Any behind the scene stories?
I mean... we had a hose pipe distaster (kind of) but we got one of the team to hold the pipe in place with the freezing water and it all worked out (thanks Kate).

How does the video connect with the track? 
The track in general is about insecurities of an individual in a relationship but it’s open for interpretation for whoever’s listening. I wanted to be able to visually show people hiding in plain sight but no one can notice it. It’s a visual representation of what happens to people with social anxiety/struggle to speak about the battles in their head. So if you watch the video closely you might notice some ways we interpreted it.