Henry Taylour - 'Broken Things'

English singer-songwriter Henry Taylour shares ‘Broken Things’, the evocative second release from his forthcoming EP.

Densely packed with emotion and deeply atmospheric, ‘Broken Things’ is a mellow and affecting cut of nostalgic indie folk. ‘Broken Things’ sees Taylour traverse through layers of rural, ambient instrumentation, cutting back for sparser moments of lyric-less reflection. Eventually, Taylour ups the tempo and changes the tone of the piece from brooding to tentatively optimistic, as the song’s narrative tries to process the things in life which are worth fixing, while understanding the necessity of letting go of the things which have exhausted themselves.

’Broken Things’ follows in the footsteps of ‘Burn’, an equally evocative and thoughtful cut of atmospheric, shiveringly good indie folk, setting the bar high in terms of expectations for the rest of the EP.

Words of Karla Harris