K.Flay - 'Bad Vibes'


There is nothing “cool” about being sad. This is the message K. Flay shines a light on in her new track, “Bad Vibes.” Though retaining her spunk and edge, this new song goes further than just the sound. It brings a discussion to the table, one that is prominent in our culture. 

The romanticism of sadness in our culture, especially in the music scene, is growing. We hear many lyrics about it, but it seems to only bring one down. K. Flay directly juxtaposes that, even shames it, in “Bad Vibes.” With lyrics such as, “you think it’s hot to be sad but it’s not,” and “you think it’s cooler to have dark thoughts,” are very clear in their intent. Sometimes people need to be reminded it’s okay to be happy. She says herself, “the goal isn’t to be happy every minute; it’s just to move away from negative energy.” 

More and more artists are coming out about this idea, moving past the shallowness of wallowing in sadness.  positivity is crucial in a world running rampant with problems. This song is one everyone can relate to no matter what walk of life they tend to. Having artists such as K. Flay who are honest and using their music as a tool to allow others to examine the negativity in their lives is both inspiring and refreshing. It encourages listeners to get lost in the good times rather than focusing on the bad. Those bad times can sometimes present themselves in the forms of people, as she notes in the lyrics, “you give me bad vibes.” I hope to hear more tracks like this in her future. 

I can picture a crowd echoing this song back to her amidst the synth and upbeat track that support it. Following her Billboard Heatseekers No. 1 album, “Everywhere is Somewhere,” she does not fail to impress many of us as she progresses in her music and impact on the industry. Though this is the first I’ve heard of her since then, I can only expect great things to come of her next album. She is definitely one to keep an eye on. Her next scheduled act is at Bonnaroo festival this June in Manchester Tennessee. Her energy is sure to overwhelm the festival goers and give her fans just a taste of what her upcoming music will sound like.

Words by Peyton Fields