Live Review: As It Is - Old Firestation, Bournemouth 26/02/2019


It’s been a busy six months for As It Is. Since releasing their third album ‘The Great Depression’ in August, it seems like they haven’t stopped. Returning to the UK after an impressive run of shows in America, As It Is are straight back to it with ‘The Intimate Depression Tour’, which kicked off in style in Bournemouth. 

With four bands on the line up tonight, there was no chance of the night being a bore. Bournemouth bands Towers and I, The Mapmaker opened the night with two completely different sets. Towers brought a fun set of pop punk tunes before I, The Mapmaker took to the stage  with their dark, atmospheric sound. 

Modern Error continued with the darker tone. Set to release their debut EP in just a few days, the band effortlessly fill the room with their hardcore melodies. Some tracks feel a lot heavier than others, but Modern Error have a way of working them all together into one seamless set full of both emotion and brutality. Modern Error are an engaging band to watch, and they will no doubt charm every crowd on this tour. 

As It Is have changed a lot over the last year. Most noticeably, they’ve gone from looking like a pop punk band, to looking like an emo band. Skin tight jeans, eyeliner, black nail varnish and lead singer Patty’s newly dyed black hair, all come together to make them look more surprisingly like a young My Chemical Romance. Interestingly, the similarities don’t stop there.

With a set that spanned the band’s three albums and even included their cover of The Postal Service’s ‘Such Great Heights’, As It Is gave their adoring fans everything they could’ve wanted. They might have only been back in the country for less than 48 hours, but As It Is clearly weren’t letting their lack of sleep slow them down. Their energy mirrored by the crowd, crowd surfers flew over the barrier throughout their set. One of the best things about live music is how it can bring a room full of people together, and tonight is the perfect example of that feeling. 

Tonight might have been a lot of fun, but As It Is are about more than just good times - speaking to the crowd, Patty speaks about how important it is to talk about things “that aren’t cool, but things that aren’t ugly either”. The Intimate Depression tour is set to be one that brings fans together. No matter what you’re going through, As It Is have got your back.

Words and Photography by Megan Smith