The Xcerts - 'You Mean Everything'


A glorious manifestation of pop rock goodness, 'You Mean Everything' gently cradles and envelops, leaving you humble and unable not to smile.

The Xcerts continue their strong string of anthemic ballads and 'You Mean Everything' fits perfectly into their current works. Murray Macloed oozes sincerity and that unmistakable tone always captures. Making use of a melodic backline the track has a heartfelt message of adoration towards the ones we love. There is no letting go as the song gracefully carries you and as a piano joins the breakdown the audience will not be able to avoid the vocal hooks and delicate energy taking you by the hand into a crescendo of this endearing rock ballad.

The Xcerts are one of those bands where you cant really point out a dud song. Always providing elegant songwriting and a belief the 3 peice consistently accompany each other with ease, from Jordan Smith's elegant bass lines to Tom Heron's on point beats and passion. I remember their set at 2000 Trees last year and they had the crowd completely in their palms, even to the surprise of the band in parts, showing their humility and just how far they have come and hopefully continue far into the future.

The Xcerts embark on their headline tour the end of March and with a new ep out the 22nd March, prepare to sing along to 'You Mean Everything', loud, proud and mean every word.

Word by Olly Dean