In Conversation With - Seramic


Seramic has just released his new single ‘Keep On Breaking My Heart’, a track about the topic of love. He took a moment to chat to us about the track and his reasons on self-directing the visuals for it.

Your new single ‘Keep On Breaking My Heart’ is out now, where was it recorded and what is the track about? 
It was recorded in Los Angeles, it’s about being in love with someone. 

It has a classic soul vibe to it, do you like those sort of records? If so who? 
Yeah, I grew up listening to those records. There are too many to list but I love Otis reading, Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin... I listen a lot to all the lost soul records that the Numero Group label put out too. 

The video for the track is directed by yourself, what led to that choice? 
Over the last few years, I have been really getting into directing. All my videos I have made and am currently working on have quite a strong thread that is more connected to my art practice. I want to direct loads more and possibly go into making features some day. I really love creating images in this way, it’s addictive. 

How did your partnership with Anna-Kay Gayle on the video come about?
I was introduced to AK (Anna-Kay Gayle) by another director friend of mine. I could immediately tell that she was really special and perfect for this song. Collaborating with her was such a joy, she is magic and has infectious energy. I actually collaborated with her again for my next video which I’m also really excited  to share very soon. 

What made you pick the Thames barrier as a location? Are there any behind the scenes stories? 
I have always wanted to shoot something in Thames Barrier park - it has an unusual atmosphere and feels like it could be anywhere in the world. I had an image in my head that AK should wear something yellow to contrast against the coldness of the forest of grey pillars, which I find strangely comforting. 

There is actually quite a funny story. When we were shooting, there was this crazy guy sitting in the middle of the space that we were using who refused to leave. We tried everything -talking to him nicely, bribing him with beers... He was just listening to death metal really loudly and we had to shoot around him for hours. Eventually AK smiled at him and he stormed off.