Zero - 'Leave The Light On'

Zero shows off a haunting blend of hip hop and alt rock on his solid new single, ‘Leave The Light On’.

Leave The Light On’ shows off an innovative blend of genre-bending influences, seeing Zero combine eerie and cosmic nuances with subtle warm, flittering bursts of sound that almost sound reggae-inspired. Vocally, Zero kicks things off with a chilled out melody although there’s a slight melancholy and despondency to the tone, which gradually builds to a rousing and anthemic chorus as Zero tries to shake the devil from his soul.

Co-written by grandson, ‘Leave A Light On’ is taken from Zero’s upcoming EP and is a dark track that crawls with creeping rhythms, alleviating some of the more serious tones to the song with a playful spookiness that comes at you like a ghost town! Ultimately, ‘Leave The Light On’ is a song about hope, as Zero explains, “It's asking the people who love you most to have the strength to let you make mistakes, to stumble and fall, even though it's going to hurt. It's asking them to have faith that you will make it back a better person".

Having removed all of his previous material from his streaming platforms , ‘Leave The Light On’ is taken from Zero’s upcoming EP, marking a fresh and exciting new musical chapter for the artist and his fans alike, both old and new.

Words of Karla Harris