Peakes - 'Hole In The Floor'


Leeds based indietronica band Peakes are embracing their anxieties in latest single ‘Hole In The Floor’. With glistening synths and an addictive melody reminiscent of Pixx’s swirling alt-pop, the track makes for a curiously uplifting listen given the melancholy of its lyrical content.

Brighter than last year’s ‘Still Life’, ‘Hole In The Floor’ sees Peakes bring their fears and insecurities out into the light to be examined in glorious technicolour. Much like Mitski’s ‘Nobody’, the song combines a triumphant sound with lyrics exploring a feeling of isolation and despair. “There is nowhere I can go” feels almost cheerful in spite of being a profoundly melancholy statement and the line “I shut down when there’s no one around, there’s a hole in the floor of my room” becomes a sparkling electro pop hook in Peakes’ deft hands. The juxtaposition is enticing rather than jarring or glib, drawing you in with a catchy synth pop tune before hitting you with lines that might make Sylvia Plath think “cheer up love”.

Recipients of a PRS Emerging Artists Fund, it’s easy to see why the band have been capturing growing support from fans and industry. Peakes are able to shake up their anxieties without making their pop lose its fizz.

Words by Hattie Long