Sciarra - 'Back For More'

Sciarra comes ‘Back For More’ showing off a darker cinematic aesthetic.

Featuring a haunting melodic vocal and nervy production, ‘Back For More’ is a dramatic tale of obsessive, unrelenting love. There’s a strong dystopian feeling to the song that adds to the intensity and urgency of the piece of music as Sciarra pairs explosive electronica with suspenseful orchestral influences gradually building to a thrilling climax.

Over the last few years Sciarra has been writing for TV/Film which has inspired her darker cinematic sound. With its supernatural textures and extraordinary storytelling, ‘Back For More’ is not only fit for TV/Film but tells its own hugely enticing story, making it a perfect standalone song for those who like more of an immersive listening experience than you can get from a typical electronic song.

Words of Karla Harris