The Artist Explains: Joel Baker - 'What's A Song'

Joel Baker talks to us about the visuals for his soulful and gritty heartbreak single, ‘What’s A Song’ ahead of the second half of his UK tour, beginning at London’s The Lexington on April 23.

Where was the video for What's A Song' filmed?
We filmed the video around East London, near Hackney. 

How does the video connect with the song? 
The original meaning of the song is centred on a romantic heart break, but we wanted to stretch the meaning of the chorus and make the video more about grief than heart break. 

Do you have any behind the scenes stories you could share with us?
No crazy ones. It all went pretty smoothly! It was a great day for me because I got to hang out with my cousin all day. That scene where I push him over, I got to do that about 14 times. Satisfying. 

Can you tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used? 
We wanted the imagery to be ordinary but cinematic. Relatable but poetic. Something anyone could relate to. 

What do you hope people take away from watching the video?
I've had a ton of messages from people about the video saying that it's helped them feel less alone with what they're going through. If you understand you'll get it, if you don't, that's fine too. My hope is people find comfort and perhaps even a little relief in watching it.

Interview feature by Karla Harris

Catch Joel Baker on tour:

23 APRIL 2019 – London, The Lexington
24 APRIL 2019 – Leicester, The Cookie
26 APRIL 2019 – Birmingham, The Sunflower Lounge
27 APRIL 2019 – Nottingham, Bodega Social Club