Zaia - 'Blue'

Let Zaia's frenzied multi-genred single, ‘Blue’ leave you feeling energised!

’Blue’ opens purposefully with an urgency in its unyielding uptempo R&B beats, showing off a solid, fluid groove that is equally as playful as it is robust. Zaia draws influences from hip-hop, r&b, rock, soul, and 70's funk and each of these influences are integrated into ‘Blue’ to create a contemporary sound, without losing the distinctiveness that allows his listen to be fully aware of each genre that the song draws elements from.

Zaia’s vocal is brooding but not unwelcoming as the lyrics kick in with dark emotional depth, ” I lock up all my moods, I don’t know what to do”. While thematically Zaia’s narrative deals with conflicted emotions and feeling blue, the track is executed with an exhilarating fire in its belly. This is a passionate and vigorous cut where Zaia’s fevered vocal and the song’s classic use of electric guitar add a gritty edge, yet the song still exhibits emotion and sentiment through bursts of nostalgic synth. A tantalizing track executed with a staggering amount of intensity.

Words of Karla Harris