Eden Warsaw - 'Her Gold'

Canadian four-piece Eden Warsaw bring a little bit of shimmer to their brooding indie rock sound on current single, ‘Her Gold’.

Eden Warsaw kicked off the year with their moody, downtempo single ‘Angel Dust’ showing off a relatively sparse soundscape featuring wonky, balmy textures and atmospheric vocals. ‘Her Gold’ sees the band trade in most of the ethereal qualities from the previous track as they launch into a soundscape with thick transfixing synths, without losing their signature brooding, slow-burning backbone.

There’s a dreamy and romanticised aspect to the track both sonically and thematically and the song taps into the theme of epiphanies that was present in ‘Angel Dust’ as Eden sings, ‘something’s changing me”, through fuzzy, alert textures. This is a melodic and haunting offering that compliments the more accessible and emotive side to Eden Warsaw’s consistently thoughtful sound.

Words of Karla Harris