Introducing #0079 - The Nightmares


Let us introduce you to The Nightmares, fresh off supporting Holding Absence on their UK tour, the band have just released their debut self titled EP. We had a chat with the band about the release. 

Tell us the story of how you all met and what made you settle on the name, The Nightmares?
We all met through playing shows together or crossing paths in previous bands. We shared the same motivation to write and play music. The name fit the sound and that was that.

Do you all have similar influences as each other, or does each person bring something different to the table?
We share a lot of the same influences but each member brings their own style and opinion to writing and playing.

Your music videos have been simple black and white band performance shots, can you explain the decision behind this?
We wanted to bring across the image of the band in the most simple and straight forward way to introduce ourselves in the first two videos.

What are the main themes of the songs on the EP?
Love, death and fear.

You’re releasing the record via Pretty Hate, can you tell us one thing you hate?
Theresa May.

In ‘Kaleidoscope Mind’ there’s a lyric that says “it’s the first time in a long time you’ve felt alive”. When was the last time you felt truly alive?
This tour we are currently on is one of those times. We’re all really enjoying ourselves and the process of getting our music out there.

Feature created by Tyler Damara Kelly