Northern National - 'Not All Family Is Blood'

Alternative four-piece Northern National’s current single ‘Not All Family Is Blood’ is a gritty indie rock song about appreciating the family we chose for ourselves.

’Not All Family Is Blood’ continues in a similar vein to Northern National’s last single, ‘Slow Down’ with its foot stomping driving rhythm but the band have upped the intensity and added darker layers of electronics to their sound, and cinematic flourish which made me think of X Ambassadors. ‘Not All Family Is Blood’ builds from brooding, snappy beats into its layered, rousing chorus, showing a lot of heart, but the atmosphere of the song isn’t sentimental.

instead, the band execute the song with a fiery determination which is a testament to the gratitude and loyalty in the lyrical theme. ‘Not All Family Is Blood’ is a track dedicated to the people we choose to be in our lives and celebrates the authenticity of those bonds; immediate, edgy and empowered by love.

Words of Karla Harris