Mating Ritual - 'The Name Of Love'

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Mating Ritual deal with the pain of deciding to move on from a relationship that no longer brings happiness in new single, ‘The Name Of Love’.

Opening gently with upbeat and airy synth, 'The Name Of Love’ sees Mating Ritual set a minimal tone to the song throwing the heartfelt vocal and lyrical content into the spotlight. ‘The Name Of Love’ is a raw and emotive track which the band explains is about “ending a relationship that you’ve stayed in longer than you probably should have. You don’t have to be happy 100% of the time, but when it seems like you’re not getting any days off, it might be time to move on”.

As the song develops alongside the lyrical theme, Mating Ritual add more frenzied and frantic textures until the track excitingly builds into a synthy cinematic swirl of emotion, before kicking back to the more minimal arrangement we saw at the start of the song, alongside the lyrics “I know that this is gonna hurt… but I wanna feel something, I wanna feel the burn”. And then they’re off again, changing the dynamics, adding darker, more dramatic, brooding textures to highlight the turmoil of the things we go through and the parts of ourselves we lose, “in the name of love”. A powerful and intimate track from Mating Ritual that really hits you in the feelings.

Words of Karla Harris