Giraffes - 'Circles'


The new age of Giraffes is upon us, and the future is bright with the release of their brand new single ‘Circles’.

This band were one of the first that I paid attention to and enjoyed from the now heavily populated Hartlepool scene, but a lot of things have changed since their self-titled debut EP way back in 2017.

Their latest and biggest change has been the recent addition of bassist and long-time friend of the band, Andrew Quinn, with the band debuting as a three-piece at Middlesbrough’s Empire Theatre.

Quinn’s inclusion shows the band’s ambition going forward and ‘Circles’ certainly solidifies that fact. Fans of Giraffes have been waiting a long time for new music, with the duo of Oliver and James deciding to scrap the ‘1998 EP’ and starting again and it has proven to be the right decision.

‘Circles’ maintains the classic guitar sound that Giraffes have become known for along with another excellent vocal from Oliver, with the mellow verses brilliantly complemented by the storming chorus and an energetic end which leaves you gasping for breath.

It is a certainly a side step from their previous releases and adopts a much darker tone, but it’s safe to say that this is their best release thus far and will stand Giraffes in good stead heading into the future.

‘Circles’, the new single from Giraffes is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Words by Danial Kennedy