Harlequin Gold - 'I Was Your Girl'

Harlequin Gold shares a spirited first look into their upcoming debut EP with current single, ‘I Was Your Girl’.

Building on folky roots with a fresh indie pop sound, Harlequin Gold’s ‘I Was Your Girl’ takes on a playful tone in its beautiful vocal harmonies and bouncy instrumental arrangements. However the track develops, it takes on a more serious tone, reaching climax on an emotive instrumental break that’s driven by urgent guitar tones and brooding percussion, before the vocal harmonies kick in with melancholy reflection, fading out on the lyrics, “I was Your Girl”.

On the ideas behind the song Harlequin Gold explains, ““I Was Your Girl” is about going through the motions of trying to love someone before you are ready to. The past scars haven’t healed and you aren’t ready to open up but there’s a perfect person standing in front of you asking for you to fall”.

With that in mind, ‘I Was Your Girl’ is a song fundamentally led by wonderful storytelling, but the band deliver a track initially light and high-spirited to ironically juxtapose the more regretful and complex nature of the situation depicted in its lyrics. As the song fleshes out into more brooding and serious arrangements there’s sonically a truer sense of sorrow that shines through, complimenting the theme of heartbreak and losing someone amazing who you just aren’t ready to let in.

Words of Karla Harris