Live Review: Indoor Pets - Scala, London 17/02/2019

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Following the release of their debut album 'Be Content' last month, Indoor Pets were sure to deliver a show that did exactly that (and more). Their biggest headline show to date was held at none other than Londons Scala.  

As the crowd began to trickle in, Brighton five piece Animal House took to the stage. Their carefree, no frills, garage rock sound paired with the natural chemistry between the group certainly got everyone in the mood. Their tracks ‘What’s going on outside’ and ‘Heavy’ could be likened to that of The Strokes and proved a hit with the crowd. 

Keeping the theme going, the second support of the night was by another Brighton based band. This time it was Gender Roles. The three piece indie punk band started off strong, heads were bobbing, arms were up, and it was clear to see that both the audience and the band were having a great time. After a few songs the set was broken up with the aptly named segment ‘Time to talk to Jared’. Set with it’s own jingle and theme tune, this interlude consisted of, you guessed it, time to talk to the band’s bassist, Jared. 

The stage lights dimmed the music went down. As the suspense grew, the room became occupied by altered renditions of famous tunes such as the Beatles’ ‘I want to hold your hand’, that became ‘I want to hold ‘Jamie’s’ hand’. And who can forget the classic ‘Stacy‘s  Mom’, or should I say ‘Jamie’s Hands’, referring to the current inside joke between the bad and their fans about frontman Jamie’s big mitts. 

To the roar of the crowd the band stepped to the stage and opened with ‘Cutie Pie, I’m Bloated’ and sure enough the room was alive. ‘Hi’, ‘Electrify’ and ‘All My Friends’ were to follow and it wasn’t long before the audience became a sea of hands, with a mixture of both real and novelty foam ‘Jamie hands’.

Energetic doesn’t begin to describe this band’s stage presence. Wether it was Jamie’s acrobatics, or bassist Ollie’s mad mop of hair that eventually seemed as though it had a life of its own. Despite being their biggest headline show to date, their performance rivalled that of a group that are already a few albums deep. 

The band made sure not to forget their older classics too. Harking back to their Get Inuit days, the mid set place was taken by none other than ‘Teriyaki’, originally a single that rightfully earned its place on the new album. Not to forget the huge sound of ‘Barbiturates’ and ‘Pro procrastinator’ that caused a storm with both newer fans, and those who’ve been there since before the name change almost two years ago.

It was hard to decide who made more noise, the sound of the band’s stadium anthems or just over 1000 people singing them back. Let’s just say this won’t be the last you hear from Indoor Pets.

Words and Photography by Milly McAlister