Sophomooreik - 'As Of Late'

North West Londoner Sophomooreik unveils a compelling cut of self-examining hip hop on new single, ‘As Of Late’.

Combining elements of trap with rhythmic and melodic classic hip hop influences, ‘As of Late‘ pairs dark and brooding beats with dreamy, melodic synth. This makes for a chill, engaging backdrop for Sophomooreik’s potent, urgent vocal to lead the song as he explores the theme of self-exploration, looking at “the first stage of growing up; trying to find out who you are behind the facades you present in everyday life”.

Citing influences such as Eminem, Tech N9ne and Andre 3000 Sophomooreik is an intelligent lyricist and a charismatic vocalist who carries no air of imitation about him. Instead, Sophomooreik presents a fresh and down to earth sound full of authenticity and excitement. While the visuals for ‘As Of Late’ provide insight into Sophomooreik’s charm and live energy, if you’re near to London you can catch him perform at The Shacklewell Arms on 23rd April.

Words of Karla Harris