Live Review: lovelytheband - Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver 19/04/19

Playing their biggest headlining show to date, lovelytheband showed Vancouver what they’re made of.

The stacked line-up was opened by the brand new Jagwar Twin (aka Roy English). With the release of his first album, Subject to Flooding, in April 2019 this new project immediately gained a following, with the first single Loser amassing over 3 million views. The album glides between genres, mixing rock and pop with trap, electronic, and gospel to create a dynamic sound for the new project and gives it room to grow in whichever direction it pleases.

On stage English and his band oozed the confidence, charisma, and closeness of a group who has been working together for far longer than a few months. The hair and general aesthetic of their looks made it feel as thought the Commodore had been transported back in time 30-40 years as we watched English belt out an incredible vocal performance and the guitarists absolutely shred it. There was an almost instant connection between the crowd and English, as he encouraged them to sing with him and let it all out. This set was an incredible first impression for Jagwar Twin, and we will definitely be watching to see what they do next.

Swedish-American indie-pop duo Flora Cash took to the stage next in a vast leap from what everyone had just seen. Shpresa Lleshaj and Cole Randall met online through Soundcloud in 2012 and have been married and making music together in both Sweden and the United States ever since. Their latest EP Press, as with most of their music, details the trials of life and getting through them but pairs it with their wonderful and unique production styles. 

Their chemistry is easily discernible on stage, as they interact with each other and the audience throughout their set. The couple’s live vocals seem equally as stunning as when they’re recorded, however it was an interesting choice to put a very electronic, emotional act in between two very guitar-heavy bands. The lineup seems to be all over the place in terms of genre and style, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just an interesting choice.

Finally it was time for lovelytheband to take the stage in Vancouver for the first time, and for what was their biggest headline show to date. Since we caught them at Bumbershoot last year Mitchy, Jordan, and Sam have continued on their upward trajectory, playing shows and festivals across the US, UK, and Europe. At the end of March they they featured on Dillon Francis’ new single, Change Your Mind, which is their first new release since their debut album, Finding It Hard To Smile, came out in June 2018. 

Lovelytheband are one of the most exciting indie-pop bands around, especially when it comes to their live show. They may have a fairly basic set up, but the energy they put into their shows fills the space, as they jump around and put everything into their music. Because of this, the feeling of being in one of their crowds isn’t one that is easily rivalled, as their genre-bending tunes create a connection between everyone present. They had the entire, near sold out, room singing along to every word as they jammed out to hits like coachella, broken, and the latest single maybe, i’m afraid

This show is not one you want to miss, and there is plenty of time for you to do so as their finding it hard to smile tour continues throughout North America until the end of June.

Words and photos by Kelli Anne