Grace Gillespie - 'Human (Heart)'

Grace Gillespie wants to be loved for all that she is on moody and irresistible new single, ‘Human (Heart)’.

‘Human (Heart)’ is a moody yet playful track channeling a vintage folk rock heart that reminded me a bit of Steelers Wheel’s ‘Stuck in the Middle With You’ with its chugging melodies and playful execution. As the track develops, Grace Gillespie adds some subtle indie psych textures which offers a balmy juxtaposition to the more edgy and brooding textures in the track.

While the production overall is gorgeous, Gillespie’s vocal is completely enigmatic and her range and tone holds so much personality which is a joy to listen to. The storytelling is definitely shifted to the forefront of her listener’s attention, especially when Gillespie unveils a slightly more vulnerable side as she implores, “Do you think that you could see me for more than the sum of my parts… then maybe you could love me”. The sophistication and charisma Grace Gillespie radiates through ‘Human (Heart’) gets more alluring on every listen.

Words of Karla Harris