Kid Kapichi - 'Glitterati'

Photo credit: Martin Ruffin

Photo credit: Martin Ruffin

Kid Kapichi go from strength to strength with new single ‘Glitterati’.

Following the success of their last single ‘2019’, Kid Kapichi are back with a bang and something to say in their newest release ‘Glitterati’. The track “criticises consumer culture and narcissistic stereotypes”, and Kid Kapichi do it well. The lyrics are great. For instance: “I want my watches gold, my Royce’s rolled/…/Girls in heels, but not too tall”. This demonstrates the perfect balance over using clever ideas in a song without going over the heads of the listeners. These combined with the big sing-along chorus hints at Slaves without being too brutish and aggressive.

Musically, the cool cowbell drum beat with a fuzzy bass riff can get any casual listener tapping their foot. Then there’s a modulated solo which is reminiscent of Jack White or Queens of the Stone Age. As usual, Kid Kapichi have created an anthemic rock n’ roll belter without boring. They are accessible and good for radio play, but still have an exciting and classic rock quality that everyone loves. Kid Kapichi are bound to hit the big stages soon, and I can’t wait.

Words of Matthew Brocklehurst