Drinker - 'California'

Drinker  celebrate the release of their debut LP ‘Fragments’ by sharing ‘California’ the dreamy sixth single to be taken from the album.

Following hot on the heels of the hypnotic, buoyant single, ‘Wave’, ‘California’ shows the turning point on the duo’s album that shifts the mood slightly away form its moody textures, to embrace a more romantic, dreamy and natural atmosphere without losing the signature experimental pop touch.

On the track Drinker explains, ‘California" is a song about leaving the reality I had come to know in New York for what I liken to a mirage, in California. I wrote this soon after arriving in LA, chasing something in music that felt more illusory and artificial than what I had come to know in New York. The California dream, which I think is a certain specific version of the American Dream based in entertainment...was all around me. The way the people try to climb the ladder, with no shame in their methods, made me wonder if I could keep climbing in my tactful way... Over time I have come to embrace the culture of LA that embraces the chase and the display of the hustle, but I wrote this in the early days when what was supposed to be a dream was seeming all too real”. 

’California’ and its blend of organic and synth influences leads nicely into “Fragment 1” which is a dark and intimate piano ballad with a sophisticated heart that shows off the duo’s diverse influences and talents. Stand out track for me is the avant-garde and incredibly alluring ‘Model’, before the LP wraps up with the beautiful classical composition, ‘Procession’.

‘Fragments’ is out now via B3SCI Records and is a record from a duo with an astute and limitless understanding of their creative identity.

Words of Karla Harris