IZI Phoenix - 'We Are Dreaming'

If you want a huge blast of haunting, brooding, indie folk then Izi Phoenix’s ‘We Are Dreaming’ is the perfect song for you.

Izi Phoenix
(Izi and Xena Phoenix) deliver a no frills yet ambient and emotive cut of indie folk on new single, ‘We Are Dreaming’. It’s a tender, ethereal and touching offering lead by Izi Phoenix’s gravelly baritone, which pairs beautifully with Xena’s hazy, light vocal on the vocal harmonies. Meanwhile, affecting guitar, blissful keys and subtle hints of americana romantically envelop their hushed voices as the song explores the theme of a brand new romance:

The song is the excitement you feel for someone new… You’re not sure who they are yet, but there's an overwhelming desire to be near them. A nervous excitement that builds through the day waiting for the night and its release.”

’We Are Dreaming’ is resplendent in its entirety.

Words of Karla Harris